Pawel Uniatowicz

To promote a unique little shop called Lapanika [located in his home of Wroclaw, Poland] photographer Pawel Uniatowicz has produced a dark and dream-like, hypnotic, and fast paced, short fashion film. At Lapanika the relationship and cohesion between art, those who produce it, and those who appraise it, can be explored freely. Though situated within the hectic and systematized world in which we live, Lapanika acts as an escape in which you can shop, get your own clothes designed on site, or stay late at the bar and enjoy a drink. Contrary to the dark [though enticing] vision presented to us by Pawel in the film and stills that you can see below, we canโ€™t help but think of Lapanika as a little bright spot in this world that can at times feel overwhelming, and frankly we would kill for the chance to visit it!

LAPANIKA from Papu Rapu on Vimeo.

This film was shoot entirely on analog 35mm SLR camera:

972 pictures
27 film rolls
16 hours of scanning
one month of editing and post-production.
2 kilos of niter

Dir, Dop, Music // Pawel Uniatowicz
Assistant director // Sylwester Bednarek
Model and Founder of Lapanika // Karolina Jankowska
Dress // Maja Popoviฤ‡

“The film is intended to promote lapanika space and ideas as a place
to be a part of.”


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